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Family Builders


Save the Family, Save the World.

We Are Family Builders

TAKE A STAND. When focusing on family, we are Defenders and Guardians, Leaders and Protectors. And above all, we are Builders.

We Believe...

  • ​Parents are fully qualified to be the primary guide and influence for their children. 
  • ​​Being a good provider embraces all aspects of your relationship with your spouse and children.
  • ​Making mistakes is part of life and how you respond is more important than the mistake itself.
  • ​Strong families follow proven principles, implemented with love and grace.
  • ​Parents who truly love their children say no and set boundaries no matter who it upsets.
  • ​Parenting is a learned skill that requires intentional effort and results in healthy, productive, resilient children.
  • ​Improvement in your home requires better strategies and support.
  • ​Stronger families are the catalyst to every positive change in the world.

We Reject...

  • Government, schools, and other institutions should be in charge of your kids. ​
  • ​Being a good provider requires "temporarily" sacrificing family for financial security.
  • ​The need for a "picture perfect family" as a measurement of strength and righteousness.
  • ​The next fad or trend will be the thing to fix your family
  • ​Affirming whatever a child wants so they will love you.
  • ​Some people aren't meant to be parents.
  • This is as good as it gets
  • ​Family as an outdated concept based on oppression that interferes with a happy society.

Defenders. Guardians. Leaders. Protectors.

And above all, we are Builders.

Family Builders strengthen individuals within a family so, together, that family can magnify their legacy. Then move to build stronger communities and beyond.

Some may choose to ignore or remain silent as the world seeks to destroy the nuclear family.

Society attacks every person’s sense of worth and identity. Abuse and manipulation are found in every form of media. And mobs demand the sacrifice of your freedom, safety, and the well-being of your family in the name of broken ideologies.

Family builders are a shield against such actions.

We will not ignore and we cannot be silent. We stand firm against those who would do harm as we defend individual worth, eternal identities, and the family unit.

We follow fundamental truths that will not bend to trends or tantrums. We understand that everything is at stake, and that consistent, intentional effort to turn your home into a safe haven will be the greatest success anyone can achieve.

We invest in family as the foundation

We invest in family as the foundation on which every other success can be built. Every legacy. Every hope and every dream. Every service, compassionate act, and meaningful purpose are built on the foundation of family. With God as the Chief Cornerstone.

Family Builders embrace and instruct their children in ways that prepare them to live fulfilling and impactful lives.

What we build, is built to last.

Save the Family,
Save the World.

The Ultimate Guide to Work-Life Balance

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The Ultimate Guide to Work-Life Balance

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Forward with Joe provides coaching services to individuals committed to building a stronger family on purpose.


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